Privacy policy

Who can see my email address?

Unless you ask us to or are required to do so by law, we will not share your email address with anyone, including the public institution to which you are requesting information. The public body will receive your application sent from the portal by email

If you send a message to another user on the portal, your email will be available to him. We will warn you about this when sending a letter.

Are you going to flood my e-mail with unbearable spam?
Never. After registering on, you will receive only necessary letters from us related to the sent application. We will never sell or give away your email address unless required to do so by law or by you.
Why are you making my statement and name public?

We publish your statement on the portal in order to increase the availability of public information. Please note that with rare exceptions, we do not delete requests.

The user's name is attached to the announcement and it is published automatically. We think it is fair because we also publish the name and surname of the civil servant who responded to the request. In addition, publicizing your real name will help people contact you for cooperation or assistance.

When requesting public information, we are required by law to use your real name. If you still don't want to reveal your identity, look at the following questions.

Can I use a pseudonym as a requester?

According to Article 78-3 of the General Administrative Code in order to start administrative proceedings, the application must contain the name and address of the applicant.

Instead of revealing your identity, you can:

  • Ask someone else to submit the request for you
  • If you have no other choice, contact us and we will request the information for you. It is preferable that you inform us of a legitimate reason why you cannot disclose your identity. Unfortunately, our resources are not enough to help everyone in this way.

Remember, when requesting information, never impersonate someone else.

Can you remove the request or change my name? is a permanent, open archive of public information. Even if your statement no longer seems useful to you, it may be useful to someone else. For this reason, we do not delete requests.

In exceptional cases, we may change or delete your name and other personal information on the Portal. More information.

Can you delete my personal information?

If you see your personal information in the material placed on the portal, which you want to delete, let us know. Tell us exactly what part of the information is problematic, why and where it is located.

As a general rule, we delete sensitive personal information that is accidentally published. Basically, we consider only those appeals where a person asks us to delete their confidential information. However, if you come across someone else's sensitive data, we'd appreciate it if you let us know.

We realize that in some cases there is great public interest in the identity of this or that public official. Therefore, we will only delete personally identifiable information in exceptional cases where there is a risk to an individual's security. If you yourself are an employee of a public institution and believe that you have a compelling reason to remove your identity, send us a request prepared by a senior manager, who proves that the potential security risk outweighs the public interest.

In all other cases, when making a decision to delete information, we will be guided by the existing public interest, the framework of which is established by the Law of Georgia "On Freedom of Speech and Expression". We do not edit a large number of documents (such as PDF, Word or Excel files), so we usually ask public authorities to first send us an updated document where the identity of the person concerned has been removed.